The Emcee plays a key role at VEX Worlds by adding enthusiasm and energy, as well as a high level of engagement and understanding, for all event participants. In each Division, the Emcee provides the play-by-play of the match describing the robot game action for the audience. The Emcee also introduces the participating teams in the matches and provides informative program and scheduling information between matches (when the Pit Area opens/closes each day, when special ceremonies occur, etc.), helping develop interest in the event and maintaining an upbeat atmosphere. The following guidelines will help you prepare for your role:

• Be a great team player. Your team includes the Head Ref and Referees, your Emcee partner, Queuers, VEX TM (Tournament Manager) Operator, and the Division Manager. When everyone works well together, matches run on time and everyone enjoys their experience. • Coordinate your activities with your Emcee partner. Depending on the event, a division may have two Emcees who work together. The audience will appreciate it if the delivery of match play-by-play and announcements flows smoothly between the Emcees. • Play an important role in controlling the pace of the matches. Work closely with the Head Referee and your Emcee partner to help keep the matches on schedule. If the matches are behind schedule, shorten team introductions and commentary to get back on schedule. If the matches are on or ahead of schedule, you may add more information to team introductions and make general announcements to engage the audience. • Be flexible. Situations may arise that require you to adjust your delivery of commentary and information. • Support queuing, as needed, by announcing names and the numbers of teams that have not arrived for matches. • Support the Division Manager by sharing announcements with the participants, as time allows. • Support the teams and Referees by reminding Robot Drivers to switch the controller and by counting down to the end of the match. Engaging the audience in the match countdown adds to the excitement of the event. • Be enthusiastic! Smile and share your excitement, which adds to everyone’s enjoyment of the event!