Field Resetter

Description/Responsibilities Accurately reset the scoring objects and game elements on the competition field after each match. Assist Division Manager or Referee in any way needed. Listen carefully to instructions from the Referee as to when you can reset the field. Move quickly but safely around the field. Be precise in placement of the field elements. Students and young children (7+) with high energy do well in this role.

Experience and Skills Needed

  • No experience required
  • Ability to review field diagrams to place game objects in correct location on the competition field
  • Ability to move quickly around the field
  • Good listening skills and ability to pay attention

Physical Activity Standing or walking most of the time.

Training Before Event Read the Role Guide document and get familiar with where scoring objects and game elements are placed on the field. Study the field diagrams on the training material provided here for exact placement.

Dress Code Wear volunteer t-shirt if provided; otherwise, polo-style shirts with nice jeans or long pants are preferred. Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. For VRC ONLY - be sure to wear socks when you step on the field tiles (remove shoes).